Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Savings - Coupons from Target

I'm not a shopper. Spending money stresses me out. I do enjoy thrift stores and garage sales. Something about the thrill of the hunt. It feels good to find a bargain priced treasure. That being said, sometimes it is necessary to head out and buy new. I must confess when I do, Target is my go to store. Right now Target is offering some coupons and deals in celebration of Earth Day. Part of me knows this is just a feel good gimmick on behalf of Target marketing, but when it involves saving money on something I need, hey, I fall for it just like the next gal. I suppose that is part of the dilemma of living a frugal, Eco-friendly, simple lifestyle.Besides, I'd really like a set of those organic sheets in purple...

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Here are the coupons: Target Earth Day Savings.

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