Sunday, December 18, 2016

Using The Holidays as a Time of Reflection

I've lost focus.

Many things have been cluttering my mind these past couple of months, drowning out the singing of my soul with the loud, threatening noise of chaos. Between the political rift in our country, big global issues, and my own personal struggles, I have felt overwhelmed. It's hard to hear my own inner voice with so much distraction.

Last week was a tough one. I had to have my Jeep towed to the garage. I had been feeling like I finally was crossing over that line of struggle to stand on solid ground financially. But this big blow right before Christmas just depleted my tiny savings account. Christmas is going to be tight this year. On top of that, I have been fighting off a cold virus. I found myself feeling "woa is me". Grouchy is putting it lightly. The Grinch was about to become my best friend.

Luckily, I have Uber to get me to work and good friends who keep me from stewing in my own emotional garbage.

Still, I am off track. I've procrastinated on too many important things, which I tend to do when I get overwhelmed. Things that are big have to's as well as things that bring me joy. And that, as you can guess, only fuels the feeling of overwhelm.

But here's the thing. If you have lost your way as well, know that this time of long nights and family gatherings is a gift if we use it wisely. A chance to return to our path. So let's light a candle to bring light to these long nights, pour a mug of wassail or mulled wine, put on some calm music, and get to work with pen and paper in hand.

Here is how I intend to regain my focus:

1. Acknowledging everything I am grateful for.
2. Taking the time to clear physical clutter from my home.
3. Slowing down and giving myself time to reflect.
4. Revisiting my long term goals to see if they still are relevant.
5. Setting new goals for myself.
6. Simplifying the holidays and focusing on friends and family.
7. Chipping away at the list of things I have been putting off, prioritizing them in order of importance.
8. Taking time for self care.

How do you use the holidays as a time to reflect?