Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Common Warts

While I have, like most women, at times held harsh views toward my body, I have always liked my hands. Growing up I was told I had piano hands. As an adult, I was told how strong they are. But a couple years ago, while I was going through one of the most stressful times of my life, these annoying bumps began to appear. By this spring I had seven warts. One located on the outside of my index finger had become so large and painful I couldn't close my fingers together. It was embarrassing to have the young students I worked with asking me what was wrong with my hands. I didn't have health insurance and couldn't afford the cost of having them removed. Finally, I searched the internet. My first search took me to the duct tape method, which worked horribly for me. Plus, I felt a little silly walking around with duct taped fingers. The second method involved an expensive (at least for me) essential oil preparation I didn't even try. Finally, I stumbled on a blog post about using apple cider vinegar, something I regularly have in my cabinets.

I didn't take any before pics of my warts (yes, I'm just that sensitive about them), but if you really must see a photo and would like to find out more about common warts visit WebMD.

This simple method involves soaking the cotton pad of a band aid and wrapping over the wart, leaving covered overnight. Alternatively, you can soak a piece of a cotton ball and hold on with duct tape. During the day remove the band aid covering to allow area to dry out. The first thing you will notice is the wart turning black. Keep reapplying the band aid until the black area scabs and peels off.

During this process, which can take at least two weeks, you will need to file down the dead skin that covers the wart. Once the blackened core of the wart begins to fall off, avoid picking at it and allow it to fall off by itself. I picked at the first one that started to fall off and it left a small scar were the skin tore. Also, before you decide to try this method of wart removal know that the warts will likely become very sore when you first start using the vinegar. In fact, for some people it can be down right painful. Because of this, if you have more than one wart I advise you to not treat them all at once. You are basically burning the warts off with an acid. 

Overall, I am pleased with this simple, effective, low cost treatment you can do at home. I did experience some pain, especially with the largest wart. I consider myself fairly pain tolerant. After all, I gave birth to my youngest son without any pain medications. But I awoke in the night with such a throbbing pain I found myself ripping off the band aid like it was some predator attached to my finger. None of the other smaller warts caused me much pain, just some annoying tenderness.

Please note, this treatment is only for common or plantar warts. 


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