Monday, October 22, 2012

Petroleum Free Vapor Chest Rub

It's that time of year. With everyone back in school and temperatures wavering between hot and cold, runny noses and coughs abound. My little one has had ongoing congestion and a cold that has hung on for some time. He had a night time cough that was keeping him up, but I didn't want to use the traditional drug store chest rub on him. The smell is too strong and the ingredients less than ideal. So I whipped up a batch of homemade, petroleum free chest rub for him and he slept like a little baby.

The rub only requires three ingredients and smells so much nicer than the standard vapor rub. The coconut oil base is also a great nourishing moisturizer for the skin. Since the rub has a less overbearing smell, you may have to reapply after a few hours. But it is well worth knowing what ingredients you are smearing on your kid's skin.

*Do not use in children younger than 2 years old.

Coconut Oil Chest Rub

1/4 c. organic virgin coconut oil
20 drops eucalyptus oil
10 drops lavender oil

Mix thoroughly in a resealable glass jar. Apply under nose, on chest and back, rub a little on your temples, or on the bottoms of your feet to relieve a cough. For ease in applying, allow to re solidify by placing in a cool area of your home.

I like the lavender because it is a sleep aid. You could also add about 20 drops peppermint oil to ease congestion as well.

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