Monday, January 30, 2017

Figberry Box Review: Cocoa Cherry Bites

I discovered Figberry about a month and a half ago while browsing through Instagram. They offer a monthly subscription service for vegan snack kits. The kits contain healthy, plant based ingredients to make a dozen all natural energy bites. The boxes are geared toward all ages and simple enough for young chefs to make. The pre measured ingredients come carefully packed in a small box with a recipe card that also includes interesting nutritional facts.

My son is a moody chef, and even though I sent for the box thinking we could make these together, I ended up making them alone while he went on a back yard adventure with our chickens. It was just too beautiful of an evening to spend in the kitchen. He headed out play with the chickens.

The recipe was easy to follow. There is no cooking or baking involved, but you do need a food processor. I don't have a stand alone food processor, but an attachment for my blender. The mixture was a bit thick for my setup, so when I went to add the cherries in the last step, they weren't getting mixed in, but just sat there on the top. I added a bit of the water from soaking the dates and that seemed to do the trick.

My mistake was rolling all of them in the dried coconut. Mr. Picky isn't a big fan of dried coconut and refused to eat them. But I enjoyed them. They were quite flavorful and made a great pre workout snack. I'm not giving up on the kid yet, though. I plan on ordering another box so we can try a different flavor. This time, no rolling in coconut.

The only downside to the Figberry box, or any subscription box for that matter, is the packaging. I washed the little container the tahini came in to reuse, but I felt guilty about the little cellophane bags I threw away that contained the dry ingredients.

If you would like to try a Figberry box subscription click here. They currently have a code on the subscription page you can use for $10 off your first box. Figberry also now offers the option of ordering a single box from previous flavors.

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