Sunday, February 2, 2014

Grown Up Hot Chocolate

This hot cocoa is great for warming you up during these crazy, cold January days. It is a rich, dark, spicy drink. The powdered store bought mixes just don't measure up for me anymore after drinking this. At first it may seem crazy to add cayenne to a sweet drink, but it adds to the warming effect. Plus, cayenne has many health benefits such as relieving allergies. As we are currently dealing with "cedar fever" here in Texas, anything that brings relief is appreciated. Best of all, this single serving sized cocoa takes less than two minutes to make and is absolutely addictive.

Grown Up Hot Cocoa

1 1.75 oz. dark chocolate bar (Trader Joe's sells a three pack)
2 tsp. butter
1 to 1 1/4 cups milk
dash of cinnamon
dash of ground cayenne

Break the chocolate bar into pieces and place in mug with butter. Add about a tablespoon of milk and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir melted chocolate mix and slowly add remaining milk, filling mug. Heat in microwave for another minute. Add cinnamon and cayenne. Stir to thoroughly dissolve melted chocolate. Enjoy!

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